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Six Signs a Guy is Falling for You

signs a guy likes youIf you’re like most women you really wish there was a magic potion that would let you see directly into the heart of the guy you’re interested in. Wouldn’t life be that much easier if we could actually figure out what the guy we like is thinking? It’s a puzzle that often feels impossible to solve. It’s actually not that hard though. There are specific signals that every guy gives off when he’s falling for a woman. If you know what to look for, you can actually gauge how deep his feelings run. Gaining that kind of insight into his heart is invaluable and can save you many restless nights tossing and turning wondering if he’s actually into you.

Here are 6 signs that your guy is definitely falling for you:

He’s all for doing whatever you want. You know when you started dating, how he would always steer the dates towards things he enjoyed? Maybe it was tickets to a basketball game or he planned a “romantic” evening around the newest blockbuster action hero movie. Once a man starts asking for your input about dates or actually encourages you to start making the plans, he’s definitely falling for you. Men like to be entertained when they’re on dates and once they start investing themselves emotionally in the relationship, their girl’s happiness matters more than anything else. Don’t be surprised if he plans an entire day around activities that you love. That’s a clear sign that he’s getting serious about you.

His friends aren’t the center of his life anymore. There’s a point in a guy’s life when he stops caring as much about his friends and moresigns a guy loves you about the woman he’s involved with. It’s not something that happens overnight and generally it takes some time dating before the transformation begins, but once you notice this shift, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re special to the man you adore. If he pushes aside plans with friends to just hang out with you, take that as a very positive sign. You’ve moved from outside his inner circle to smack in the middle of it and that’s very significant.

The way he looks at you changes. This is hard to explain but you’ll certainly know it once it happens. When a guy starts feeling connected emotionally to a woman, he’ll look at her a little differently. He’ll be more focused on her and when they’re together, regardless of what environment they’re in, he’ll only have eyes for her.  Speaking of eyes, if he focuses directly on yours when you’re speaking with him, that’s a very strong sign that he’s invested in what you’re saying, and also in you.

Small things matter more to him. A man who is falling for a woman will crave information about her. He’ll want to know everything and anything you’re willing to share. This can feel a little overwhelming at first, but remember it’s a sign that he’s investing himself in you and that’s a big step for any single guy. Offer details about whatever he asks about, but don’t be afraid to hold back a little too. Men do love mystery and if he keeps uncovering new things about you that will definitely keep him interested.

He plans to introduce you to his family. On the surface this may not seem like a very big deal, but it actually is. Unlike us, men aren’t that quick to race out to introduce the women they are dating to their parents or siblings. There are a few reasons for that but mainly it’s because he doesn’t want them to start asking questions about how serious the connection is or what his plans for the future are. That’s why it’s noteworthy when he does tell you that he wants you to meet his family. Embrace the experience and celebrate the true meaning behind it.

how to know he likes youOther girls don’t matter to him. This is obviously one of the most obvious, but telling signs of where a guy’s heart is. Most single guys can’t keep their eyes off a beautiful woman. It’s definitely challenging when you’re crazy about a guy and he keeps turning to look at every pretty girl that walks by. Although most men will always have a bit of a wandering eye, when a man begins to feel close to a woman, he’ll look at others a lot less. He’ll start to see the woman he’s involved with as the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen and he’ll inevitably compare her to every other woman and they’ll all pale in comparison. If you’ve noticed him recently paying less attention to other girls and more attention to you, you’ve already started to capture his heart.

Once you begin to recognize the signs that your guy is falling for you, you can take comfort in that fact. There are specific ways to make him desire you like crazy. You can actually trigger so much yearning in him that he can’t stop thinking about you or wanting you.